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Out of town on a business trip? Stuck in bed with a cold? A Bi Mommy or Bi Daddy at home in the 'burbs with the kids? Snowed under? Or just want to broaden your horizons? The Internet is your friend. Here are many ways for you to reach out and participate in the world of the 'virtual' bisexual community.
Blogs and Bloggers

A blog [short for weblog] is an online journal or diary.    A person who writes or contributes to a blog is called a blogger.

A blog is not intended to be private but can be configured so that it can be viewed and commented on either by the general public at large or a select group of invited readers.

Blogs are based on a variety of software products available either free or for a nominal charge on the web. Some popular products are: Have we left out your favourite blogging tool? LET US KNOW. --- Thank you

As blogs have gained in popularity, people have taken to grouping themselves into mini blog "communities" around general topics or interests, where everyone in the community can contribute. Here are a couple of bisexual / bi-friendly "blog communities":

Have we left out YOUR favourite Blog Community? LET US KNOW. --- Thank you

Coming Soon: we'll be adding a page of links to individual bi & bi-friendly blogs

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Magazines and Journals

Bi Magazine
The Fence a bi women's zine bi Community News from the UK

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